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T-Bose gets himself a new pair of `eyes' to view life

Sowetan (Limpopo) - 4 May 2017

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DJ chills with7ass of fine red wine Pii nd r io disc jockey Thabo Mokwele is usually the one asking questions of his subjects. Sowetan spoke to the presenter of The Best Tin the City about some of his lifestyle passions. What do you think has sustained you through life's challenges up to now? Except for my Christian beliefs, there is a book I read and it gave me tools to roll with the punches life throws. It is The Breakthrough Exp erienee by Dr John Demartini. I recommend it to anyone. It gives you a new pair of 'eyes' to view life. What is your favourite way of relaxing between your busy schedule? My wife and I have built ourselves a.comfortable home. Once you are inside, it is difficult to leave. There is nothing like a place of solace, and that's my home. What has been your biggest achievement so far? Going back to school for my master's. With all that I have on my plate, I still did it. Which is your favourite place to chill, and why? I have two places: Signature is my gotoplace to celebrate life. When I want to chill and just have a great time, Mash Braai House. Do you cook? I used to but when you are married to a woman who loves to cook and feed her family, you won't raise a finger, even to fry an egg. What is your biggest extravagance? Shoes ... I love shoes, especially brogues. I just love how versatile they are. You can dress them up or down. I am running out of space in my closet, that's how bad it is. What is your favourite drink? It is a little cliched but it is truly a cuppa tea: Daarjeel ing, Green Tea and Five Ros es. When I break the norm it will be a glass of red wine ... it keeps the doctor away. How were you introduced to this drink? My mother was an avid tea drinker, but with wine I had a few teachers along the way. Rose was how I started. Since then I've graduated to being a collector of soughtafter wines. Wine is my vice. Bose gets himself a new pair of `eyes' to view life Radio personality personality Thabo TBose Mokwele. / SUPPLIED

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