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How to make this year your best

Sunday Independent (First Edition), Life - 5 Feb 2017

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AFTER a year that took away David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and Muhammad Ali but saw fit to leave behind President Donald Trump and the Gupta family, can you really be blamed for thinking it might be better to spend it in bed? How, when it feels like the world has gone mad, do you approach the new year with a cando attitude? To achieve what matters most in the next 12 months and beyond there are a few crucial questions you need to periodically ask yourself, says bestselling author, educator and public speaker Dr John Demartini, who is also a leading authority on human behaviour and personal development. Take your time over these "big five", they're an invitation to explore, invent and evolve: Dr John Dermartini, researcher, bestselling author, international educator and public speaker in human behaviour gives tips on how to make it a good year of achieving them. Say for example, that your children are your highest priority but that your goal this year is to save money Chances are that every extra cent you make will be spent on your kids. Why? Because building wealth is simply not one of your highest values. You will need to remodel your value structure to include saving money as a top priority, thereby bringing your actions into alignment with the things that are most important and so set about achieving this goal. HOW ARE MY "SHOULDS" GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY HAPPINESS? So often the desires of the ego are in conflict with the wisdom of the heart. Are you living your life according to what you truly believe in and value most or are you trying to fulfil the expectations of others? A life lived in pursuit of "perceived values" is a precarious one where extrinsic factors.completely beyond your control will constantly threaten to destabilise your sense of equilibrium. Only by honouring your own highest values do you achieve balance, becoming a master of your destiny rather than a victim of history important one. The yearning to help others has evolutionary origins contributing to the group was essential to primitive man's survival and, today the way to measure your worth may simply be to give as much if not more than you take. Asking what or who you made more fulfilled each day is a simple litmus test we can all measure ourselves by How to make this year your best WHAT ARE MY HIGHEST VALUES AND AM I BEING TRUE TO THEM? What are the most important aspects of your life, the things that mean the most to you? Your family? Work? Health? Spirituality? These represent your highest values the toppriority items that are as unique to you as your own fingerprints. But do you always put them first? If you are not living congruently with what you value most, symptoms of discomfort are inevitable. WHY DON'T I DO THE THINGS I WOULD LOVE TO BE DOING? Life isn't about figuring out what to do. You already know that your wisest actions align with the things you value most. The real challenge is in doing this. Ask yourself, "Are the activities that fill my day really satisfying my highest values? If not, what is stopping me from focusing on the things I value most?" Most importantly, "What benefit am I deriving from these undertakings I pretend not to see?" You'll be amazed at the possibilities that open up when you stop deceiving yourself. DO MY GOALS CORRESPOND WITH MY HIGHEST VALUES? If your goals for this year or, indeed, for your whole life, don't align with the things you value most, you stand very little chance 4111111r Make this a rewarding year by asking yourself five vital questions. AM I LIVING AN INSPIRED LIFE? The secret to living an inspired life is to find something you truly love, something that realises your highest values and allows you to subsist satisfactorily and that makes a difference in the lives of others. The last proviso is an Find out more or take Demartini's free online Value Determination Test at

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