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Natural Medicine - 1 Feb 2017

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096 NATURALMEDICINE.CO.ZA Every growth has its decay; every gain has its loss. Water in a pond must circulate, or else it becomes stagnant and Life within it dies. Resources such as money wither when hoarded, and flourish with a life of their own when they are in constant motion. This is the law of universal balance and perpetual motion. • • • • C!!! ci] . * As we share with others, our own riches multiply. Love is ours when we give it away. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything has a price, even if the tag is not always attached. All is Love, yet all is Law. Maturity recognises the pain, the sacrifice necessary to achieve the pleasure of a given purpose. You have to be hungry before you can enjoy your next meal. Listen to Soul and obey it. Accept the wisdom of pain and pleasure equally in pursuit of your mission and purpose. A Master does this, and is readily willing to pay the same price for either illusion of suffering or joy, with the certain knowledge of a higher reward: fulfillment and expression of Life, Spirit in form, ascension to that vision revealed by angels, purification of Heart through Love. Source Demarbm JR The Wisdom of the Oracle. 11 Books LibraryTM. 2001. DR JOHN DEMARTINI, BSC, DC. He is a leading inspirational speaker, authority on human behaviour, teacher and author. His knowledge and experience are a culmination of 35 years of research and study of more than 28 000 texts in over 200 disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and theology to neurology and physiology. FEBRUARY 2017 1097

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